Setting a Beautiful Tea Party Table


What makes one tea party better than another? I would hazard to guess it is how the tea party table is decorated.


Well, for one thing, the table setting defines the mood of a tea party. Casual or formal, the table setting speaks volumes to your guest, of what to expect.

Do you want a cozy or traditional atmosphere? Each one is achieved with a different table-scape. So this is one area of your tea party that you want to spend extra time and attention on. If you are looking for some wonderful tableware for setting your next tea party table, check out DaySpring's website for beautiful tea pots and tea cups. Be sure to check out DaySpring's sale and clearance section for some super deals, too!

But that doesn’t mean it has to be overly elaborate or time consuming. Once you have the basics down, it just becomes a matter of following a few basic guidelines.

What are the guidelines? Glad you asked.

Below is our easy “How To” Guide for setting a fabulous Tea Party Table, but don’t let it intimidate you. Pick and chose what works best for you and your Tea!

Tea Party Table Setting
How To Guide

Setting a beautiful tea party table is like painting a picture, in many ways. How, you ask? Well, we can learn a lot from imitating art. Every masterpiece follows certain elements of design. The first of which is:

  1. Choose a theme and color scheme, and stick to it. True masterpieces have a consistent theme and a related color scheme that supports the overall feel. The same holds true for a setting a tea party table.

    For example, take the Mona Lisa. The obvious theme of the Mona Lisa . . . is Mona. But what captivates the audiences’ attention is her smile. That somewhat soulful, longing look that mixes sadness with a slight smile; as if she knows some secret, but isn’t sharing it with anyone. So the theme of Mona Lisa is the moody, secretive, mystery of women.

    The color scheme supports this theme. Muted browns, greens, blue, gold and cream lend a sense of intrigue to the painting. Would the same “feel” be achieved in primary colors? I think not.

    1. What’s your theme? When planning your tea table setting, decide on a theme first. Is your theme:

      1. An obvious one, such as: Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Silver Anniversary or a Mother’s Day Tea

      2. Or a not so obvious one like: An Office Tea, A Book Club Tea, A Mystery Tea

    2. Finding your inspiration piece. We all need help sometime in this area. A spark to ignite our creative genius. So where do you look if you’re having trouble coming up with a theme for your tea table setting?

      1. Inspiration can come from anywhere. So relax, let your imagination have some breathing room. Look around you.

      2. Here are some suggestions to use as a starting point, if you find yourself stuck:

        1. piece of fabric
        2. The event itself (i.e., a baby shower
          – normally you’d use the pastel colors:
          blue, pink and yellow/green)
        3. A beautiful paper napkin
        4. The invitation card
    3. Pull colors from your inspiration piece to set the color scheme. If I were planning a tea party, say for a “Renaissance Tea” and using the Mona Lisa as inspiration for the theme, here are ideas for the color scheme:

      1. Using the Mona Lisa painting as my inspiration, I would plan on using these three colors taken directly from the painting: Muted brown, mossy green and cream. See, that wasn’t too hard!

        Or, perhaps a deep rustic red, muted gray-green and pumpkin:

        TIP: try to keep your color scheme to a maximum of three colors. This lends a sense of harmony to the color scheme.

      2. For my tablescape, I would choose rich textured multicolored piece of fabric to layer over a warm mushroom colored linen tablecloth.

      3. Then, on top of the fabric, I would place a antiqued candelabra, or thick, chunky cream candles on large tiered candlesticks. Or if I didn’t have candles or candelabra, I might use a low round crystal vase, with a dozen cream colored roses for my centerpiece. The point being here is not to lock your self into one option; but be creative.

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