12 Great Tea Party Ideas for
Hosting Your Next Tea Party

Looking for tea party ideas? If you are planning on hosting a tea party, it is always helpful to have a file prepared ahead of time with examples of tea party ideas to pull from when the occasion arises.

This preparation will pay multiple dividends, especially when you don't feel rushed and forced to scramble to gather the elements you need to host the perfect tea party.

Every successful tea party has similar fundamentals, but here are the basics to keep in mind:

  • The right tea for the occasion. What do I mean by that? Well, depending on several factors like the time of year, the location or your guest's preference, any one could effect your tea choice. For example, I live in Texas, and no matter how much I enjoy a hot cup of Earl Grey, it wouldn't be the best tea to serve for a 4th of July picnic during the hot summer! But a nice iced Peach or Raspberry tea would be very welcomed! So don't limit yourself. Think about the occasion and what your guest might enjoy.

  • Party Ideas/Themes There are unlimited number of themes, or occasions, to have a party. Below are 12 different themes/ideas, one for each Month of the year, to get your creative juices flowing:

      January: Bible Study Tea

      Since January is typically the month for new resolutions and new beginnings it is also a great time to start a new Bible Study Group, and a perfect opportunity to have a Tea Party. The cold weather and camaraderie lends itself naturally to warm Apple Spice Tea and Soft Chewy Snickerdoodle Cookies, hot and fragrant from the oven.

      February: Valentine Tea Party

      Love is in the air ... and so is romance! Why not have a Valentine Tea Party for you and the one you love, or a small group of friends. Make your next Valentines one to remember.

      March: English Tea Party

      I eagerly await the first green sprouts of leaves from my tulips and daffodils, pushing their way up through the decaying twigs and leaves from the past fall/winter. Oh the JOY! I love Spring! Nothing says Spring to me more than a quintessential English Teatime experience. A warm cup of Earl Grey Tea, with cucumber & dill finger sandwiches, and scones with strawberry jam and cream, culminated with a sponge cake with warm lemon drizzled all over! Yum!

      April: French Tea

      Paris in the Spring! Oui, Oui! (English Translation: Yes, Yes!) Okay, maybe you can't jet off to Paris in the Spring, but we can enjoy almost the same experience, at home ... wherever home may be ... even Paris, Texas. The French always have such Savoir faire.

      May: Mother/Daughter's Day Tea Party

      The thing I admire the most about my mother . . . you fill in the blank. What do you admire the most about your mother? Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude to/about your mother. If your mother is still with you, why not plan a special day for the both of you. Some ideas include: booking a spa/massage date with your mom, have a pedicure together, and wrap the day up with a beautiful Tea Party showcasing Egg Salad finger sandwiches, quick and easy lemon bars, topping it off with a luscious Victorian Sponge cake, with fresh raspberries and whipping cream in the middle. MMMmmmm . . .

      June: Victorian Tea Party

      July: 4th of July Picnic Basket Tea

      August: Afternoon Tea Party

      September: Tea and Sympathy

      October: Book Club Tea

      November: Sewing Circle or Quilting Club Tea

      December: Christmas Tea Party or Hanukkah Tea Party

  • This list is by no means an exhaustive one, only a teaser, to get you thinking. The true beauty of a Tea Party is there is always an occasion to serve tea! So put on your thinking cap and look around you for inspiration.

    Just in case you need some more inspiration, I recommend the following websites:

  • The Food/Menu is the third element to an enchanting tea party. Under this heading falls Tea Recipes for tea sandwiches and tea cakes.