Setting a Beautiful Tea Party
Table Part III

Setting the Stage. Think of your Tea Party Table like the set of a day-time soap opera. Ok, not literally, of course. Proper etiquette would indicate one should always avoid gossiping while having tea. Well, hurtful, malicious gossip, any way, for sure! But I digress . . . let’s get back to setting the stage . . . err, tea table . . . I meant to say!

  1. Surfaces. The Surface that you set your tea table on is like the floor and walls of a theater stage. It’s the foundation upon which everything else will be built. And in a very real sense, your tea party table is a prop, waiting to be dressed by you. So, let’s look at some of the different surfaces you could use:

    1. The ground, as in a picnic, for a surface
    2. A table
    3. A tea trolley/cart
    4. A tray

  2. Table coverings & Napkins

    1. linens
    2. quilts
    3. organza
    4. scrapes of fabric
    5. paper

  3. Centerpiece

    1. Floral
    2. Fruit
    3. Candles
    4. Something Unique
      1. Fish in a bowl
      2. Bird's nest
      3. An Umbrella (think: bridal showers, baby showers,
        and Spring Showers)

  4. Tea Accoutrements

    1. Tea cozy
    2. Creamer and Sugar Bowl
    3. Tea Leaf Strainer
    4. Tea Bag Holder