Give Green Tea a Try...

The media is all a-buzz about the health benefits of Green Tea. Over the last few decades, this type of tea has been the subject of many scientific and medical studies to determine its health benefits.

Studies suggest regular tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer; it has also been claimed useful for weight loss management. Hmmm ... I wonder if it would be helpful to take a bath in it, so I could immerse my whole body? ;-) Okay, I'm just kidding!

Clearing up some misconceptions

An interesting note about Green Tea; a cup of green tea contains between 15 and 50 mg of caffeine. While the amount of caffeine normally decreases with the repeated use of a tea bag, a fresh steeped cup of green tea can contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee.

I do not like Green Tea and ham, Sam I am…I do not like it…

Not in a box, Not with a Fox… I’m not a personal fan of Green Tea, although there are many others that swear by it.

Green Tea doesn’t taste like black tea, so be prepared. Green Tea is often described as fresh, grassy or light in taste. This is to be expected considering the color of green tea is a pale light green color, and contains larger amounts of fluoride than black tea.

Green Tea can be slightly sweet and/or astringent in taste. The best cup of green tea comes from loose tea leafs, and using a slightly lower temperature of water for brewing.

Should you try Green Tea?

Of course. Besides it’s obvious health benefits, nothing else would do for a Japanese Ceremonial Tea! So try the following samplers from Adagio:

  • Green Sampler, with 6 different types of tea, for $14. This sampler contains Gunpowder, a well-known full-bodied green tea with a hint of smokiness.

  • Green Savant Sampler, with four different tins, for $16. This is a highly rated sampler, which just might awake the Green Tea Lover in you!

How do you prepare green tea?

Green Tea is more delicate and you’ll have a more flavorful tea if you use slightly cooler water. It is recommended that the water temperature be around 150-160 F.

If you don’t have a thermometer handy, water boils at 211 F, so watch the bubbles in the water. Small bubbles will float to the surface of the water at 160-170 F, this would be the time to take the kettle off the heat, let it sit for a moment, and then pour over the tea leaves. Steep for 2-4 minutes…and enjoy!

You just might find your new mantra is…I like Green Tea…Sam I am, I like Green Tea…

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